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During this season, we are having an incredible time growing on our journey!  Becoming more intimate with Him!  Learning who He is and who we are in Him! Please join us on this journey!

" A closer walk with God"



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A HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book that I’ve personally read and that IS SOO POWERFUL AND HELPFUL for anybody! Literally young, old, seasoned saints, and even people who need spiritual guidance. Please purchase a copy of this book! It has helped me soo much in the past weeks. If you're not a reader, it’s literally two to three pages a day. I’ll share more one day, but please buy this book if you need a boost in faith, knowledge on God’s love, and or a better relationship with God! This book is truly worth the read! ✨

Kynedi Alexis

Hi Ms. Brenda. You don’t know me personally, but I think you and my mom went to school together. She purchased a copy of your devotional book, and I wanted to personally thank you and your husband for writing it. These daily devotions have been helping me get through some things no one knows about. Thank you for being obedient and sharing pieces of your life, and how you began growing your relationship closer to God. The devotions, prayers, and exercises have helped me in a tremendous way over the past two weeks. I’m not quite finished yet, but I definitely wanted to thank you because the first half has helped me soo much. This book will help so many people build and or strengthen their relationship with God! Thank you so much! ❤️


I only had this book for about a week and it's already blessed me. Learning how to be intentional with having intimate moments with God. If you haven't already, go and grab your copy on Amazon. I promise it'll bless your life.

Shannon Nicole

Today I am taking a moment to get a little more intimate with “HIM” by reading Intimate Moments Devotional by Brenda D. Hardy. It’s a beautiful thing when you know the author personally! It’s so genuine and real.

Erica S Cobb

I am so excited about this book. It has really blessed me and I'm not even done. If you desire to be closer to God then this book is for you. It gives you the tools you need to go to the next level in God. It's available through Amazon or Intimate Moments Ministry Orlando. ( You will not be disappointed.

Vickie Dortch

I’ve been watching my mail box for the arrival of this amazing book from one of my best friends, incredibly faithful woman of God and my faith mentor Elder Brenda Hardy❣️

Michele Henry Byington

I thoroughly enjoy the Intimate Moments Devotional. It is inspirational and unique in that Brenda shares transparent experiences coupled with her husband's Ben commentary on the subject. Also available are intimate moments of prayer, reflection, and journaling. I highly recommend the devotional for maintaining and further developing intimate time with God. It's unlike any Devotional I have ever experienced. Get your copy now.

Sandra Wynn


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